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Welcome to our virtual Language Training Institute web site. While scrolling our web site, you are already a full member of our training program.
Indeed, our Language Training Institute offers a large variety of lectures stretcning from internal, external as well as e-learning.
The Centre RMF Center does not wish to be behind schedule in terms of the latest technology and wishes to make you benefit from it .
Since its starting in 1989, the Centre RMF Center has always struggled to keep up a positive image of a progressive and updated training approach for working adults at large.
Since 2001 while the Centre RMF Center has been endowed a new training system named STAS (Standard Teaching Approach System), the number of growing learners has steadily been noted all over major worlds of jobs.
Not only , does the STAS technique foster tangible results , but it also enables all learners at large to gain sustained learning approach and professional assets for workers.
Presently, with the growing number of private and public Universities in our place, the huge requests for “”teens”” classes for learners under the age of 18 have made us decide to meet their needs.
Welcome aboard!


Formation à long terme

Formation à moyen terme

(Cours à la carte)

Après un test de placement oral sous forme d'entretien oral de 15 mn au maximum, l'intervenant détermine le contenu du programme de formation avec les suggestions du ou des apprenants. La fréquence ainsi que le volume horaire de la formation seront déterminés en fonction du résultat du test de placement: clé fondamental de la teneur du contrat de formation.

Formation à court terme

(Cours sous module)

Cette approche, très innovante, permet à tout apprenant de suivre une formation permettant de joindre contrainte de temps de formation au besoin d'une formation "flash». En effet, ce type de formation permet de réduire considérablement la durée de formation tout en répondant au besoin pressant de l'apprenant. Une formation pouvant s'étaler sur une durée de 10 heures selon le résultat du test de placement.

Formation à distance

(en mode e-learning)

Formation disponible sur tous supports électroniques tels que Skype, Facebook, Tweeter et même sur notre site, nous assistons nos apprenants en temps réel, répondant ainsi à une ventilation idéale de formation en offrant un type de formation pouvant allier travail et études!

The History of the Legend of Music

Founded by the youngest son RAJAOFETRA Francis , the Music Shop Rajaofetra is a direct continued of the rewarding effort of his father RAJAOFETRA Parson since 1956.Since then, the MSR has constaintly put forward all endeavors to keep up the family value in terms of quality.

Presently, the MSR is about to put in place its newly born assembly line of Guitar manufacturing named GRM (GitaRa Malagasy) which will be shortly in the market  with the assistance of well known guitar manufacturers and machine builders from the USA and Asia.

Inspired by his passion for the music, the current MSR Manager plans to make the RAJAOFETRA trademark a real path for quality music while accesssible to all.

With its diversified activities from sales, repair and relooking (refurbishing), until the manufacture, the MSR is a musical leader for all well known musicians throughout the country and to the islands beyond within the Indian Ocean .

Rajaofetra Parson
(1956 – 1986)Rajaofetra Francis
(1989 – …)