About Us

Since its launch in 1989, the CENTRE RMF CENTER has steadily grown to be a well known large company training Institute. Lots of our present businesspeople and politician leaders have acquired their language skills from the CENTRE RMF CENTER. Its unique training technique has made the CENTRE RMF CENTER quite different from the others while the trainers can deal with one learner to up to 100 at a time with a successful result! The secret is the “tutoring” approach which is a new technique aquired from one of the most prestigious universities based in Philadelphia Pennsylvenia (USA).

Centre RMF Center staff


RAJAOFETRA Francis : Courses Director.


ANDRIANTSIALONINA Lysiane: Deputy Manager.

Ramantenasoa Domoina

RAMANANTENASOA Domoina : Key Trainer.


RAJAOFETRA Liantsoa: Trade Administrative Manager.